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Date: Active
Technologies: BigCartel, Printful, and Procreate
Instagram: @spookyprint

Started in Indianapolis ~ 2017 as a personal creative outlet, I taught myself to screen print (thanks youtube!) in my rental house's attic. I printed a few shirts for local bands and friends for little to no $, learning my lessons along the way. This, over the next few shorts years, expanded into a full and complete print shop where it took up half of my two car garage. I had a 4-color press, flash unit, converyor belt dryer, exposure unit, 20+ silk screens of various thread weights, inks, etc. I sold the shop just before my move to California. I'm not partnered with Printful, an order-on-demand service, where I no longer manage inventory or fulfillment, and instead focus exclusively on drawings and exploring design.

Near the end of my business's life, I had 8-10 print orders in queue for brands, bands, and artists. This was quickly becoming a full-time position, and with my pending move to California, I decided to go another route. It was fun while it lasted and I'm eager to set up a smaller system in another space in the future.

I am currently very active with this brand, and can mostly be found on Instagram.

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