Speedruns Collective

SpeedrunsCollective.com (inactive)

Date: 2015
Technologies: PHP (CodeIgniter), HTML, jQuery, AJAX

SpeedrunsCollective.com was a speedrunning records database and community site. Work began December 2014 and continued until ~July 2015. I halted work out of loss of interest and a difficult community.

This site was an incredible learning experience.

Custom-built features:

  • user profile preferences and settings
  • leaderboard generator
  • articles system
  • forums (unfinished)
  • auto-updating “live streams” page for users
  • comments system (runs, articles, profiles)
  • messages/notifications tab (leaderboard updates, profile/run comments and replies, forum replies)
  • complex run submission and time calculation logic for any game, console, and category
  • run submission validation system
  • leaderboard moderator system for game page settings (design and functional)