Date: Active
Description: 2024 goal of learning GameDev, through personalized micro-projects.
Technologies: Godot, using native language GDScript
Date: Hiatus
Description: My current and very active illustration and clothing brand.
Technologies: BigCartel, Printful, and Procreate
Instagram: @spookyprint
Date: 2020
Description: New personal site. (hi there!)
Technologies: PHP (raw), HTML, CSS
Code: (in progress)
Date: 2020
Description: A custom pastebin clone.
Technologies: PHP (Laravel), MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript + jQuery
Code: private (in progress)
Date: 2020
Description: A custom internet radio station, based on the Nintendo game series: Animal Crossing. Utilizes local time zones to match in-game repeating calm music.
Technologies: Custom Javascript, Webhooks, HTML, CSS, Google Drive
Code: private
Date: 2020
Description: Custom web app built to assist in efficiently defeating an OSRS boss "Cerberus"
Technologies: Javascript, HTML, AJAX
Date: 2017 - 2019
Description: Convert GeoJSON data into strings for any Google Maps JS API mapping tool or PHP validation library.
Technologies: PHP + Javascript, Git
Date: 2015 - 2017
Description: Speedrunning leaderboard and community management site
Technologies: PHP (codeigniter), Javascript, Ajax, Git
Code: private
Date: 2013 - 2014
Description: Commission based business for custom acylic paintings